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Watch: Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Leaves EU Enraged with EPIC Farewell Speech



After decades of campaigning for Britian to leave the European Union, Brexit leader Nigel Farage delivered a dramatic, flag-waving, farewell speech to the European Parliament on Thursday.

“So this is it, the final chapter, the end of the road, a 47-year political experiment that the British frankly have never been happy with,” Farage said.

Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union will take place at 11 p.m. GMT Friday.

“What we proved is that the British are too big to bully, thank goodness,” he continued. “If we want trade, friendship, cooperation, reciprocity, we don’t need a European commission. We don’t need a European court. We don’t need these institutions and all of this power.”

“And I can promise you, both in U.K. and indeed in the Brexit Party, we love Europe. We just hate the European Union,” Farage added. “It’s as simple as that. So I’m hoping this begins, the end of this project. It’s a bad project. It’s not just un-Democratic, it’s anti-Democratic. And it puts in that front row, it gives people power without accountability. People cannot be held to account by the electorate. That’s an unacceptable structure. Indeed, there’s a historic battle going on now, across the West, in Europe, America, and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loath populism. But I tell you a funny thing, it’s becoming very popular.

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